About me

I like to call me software developer because the term covers a wide spectrum.

I started to “develop” writing a little bit of HTML, then I started to study informatics and like the majority of the students I started with C.

It is hard to remember how or when but I start learning PHP and that was my first step in my adventure of create things for internet.

The path

The path has been long. Learning frameworks, other languages for web, patterns, work methodologies and being involved in the infrastructure part. Sometimes has been hard but I worth it.

The path seems to be longer but I decided to create this blog for many reasons.


Most of the developers I follow had their blog and it seems like a good practice.

Besides I think its a great opportunity to create memories.

In some years will be able to review what I have learned.

When you have a problem it’s common to find the solution in a blog or a forum, this is an attempt to give something back to the people of Internet.

If I can help somebody to solve a problem or learn something new I will be very glad, at the end Internet is to share.

I like the idea of put pieces of me in something more tangible, in some way I like to think its like looking through a mirror. You can learn a lot about yourself.

This is my blog, enjoy it.

First photo by me.

Second Photo by Karsten Würth (@inf1783) on Unsplash

Third Photo by Anas Alshanti on Unsplash